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At Northern Works, we believe that effective design is all about telling the right story in every medium. Our team brings a diverse range of skills to every project, including in-depth research, advanced design & development, 3D modeling, and the creation of stunning visual media to bring your ideas to life. 

What we do.


Benchmarking and defining the scope.
All of our projects start from trying to understand what should be done and why (we love to ask questions - even the stupid once).
Case depending we might bring in Sam from Car Design Research to really help us dig deep into the research, sometimes a lighter benchmark and internal project team evaluation is enough.



Someone smart once said that the “Creative adult is the child that never grew up” - Initial Ideation is the fun part. If you’re not pushing the boundaries, what’s the point of creating something “new”. We’re really proud to have the courage to push the envelope and really search for unmapped territory even if the selected concept in the end is something more pragmatic. The risk with skipping the loose/wild ideation is get something mundane in the end that really doesn't tic any boxes or offer any usp’s.


Blender. Rhinoceros, Alias,
Solid works - Nurbs or Polygons.

Throughout every software, we're constructing the visions into reality.



Virtual environments, photorealistic renders. Stunning videos and commercials. We'll make the idea and design sell itself.

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