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Our experience is diverse. We've worked in the corporate world refining established products. We've dreamed blue sky with up and coming start-ups. We've done vehicles, consumer electronics, industrial applications and more, we've helped companies to shape their identity. No project too big, no project too small, drop us a line - we’d love to hear more.


Since day one we’ve had clients in multiple countries. We manage most of the work remotely by utilising different platforms to seamlessly communicate with our international clients and various design teams.


This along with well planned face-to-face workshops allow seamless dialog with the whole project team.

Combining our past in-house OEM experience with the experience of consulting multiple smaller start-up’s makes our current process lean, agile and truly unique.

We have strong connections to both the direct automotive tier one suppliers and different research organisations such as Car Design Research, Rewake, Rightware, TAUCHi, Covestro, TactoTek, Canatu - covering trends, technology; HW, SW & IOT. This gives us a real understanding on what can be achieved both long and short term.

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