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Designed to showcase an intelligent multi-purpose panel, which brings to life an entire interior. Highlighting the many possibilities which smart technologies.










We started the project by creating a part, that was based on a perfect cylindrical surface. The aim was that the same part could be rotated to any angle, the surface material could be changed and the part could work either as a functional element with controls or as a decorative element with lighting and 3D surface pattern.


Wing Elements

The wing elements drive the form language of the interior -constructing the dashboard, center console, and door. 

Wing elements' materials change throughout the CMF options, reflecting the desired tactile and visual cues. Alongside other changes of the interiors materials and colors. 

Themes and wings flirt with modern and contemporary themes. Embracing transparent and lighting applications or having information and wow effect revealed in case of need.

Virtual world & exhibition

The K22 Interior was designed as a live material showcase concept, to be presented in Germany.
Being part of Covestro's vast portfolio shown in the K-Fare.

As physical models are bound by the selected materials. It was important to expand into virtual reality, giving more depth to the project.

We believe that the perception of design is strongly affected by the CMF. It changes and alters how we feel, think and view shapes and entities.  Narrowed to 4 themes, which range from serious to light and airy. 



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